Why the Trump administration will need to go fast on land deals


The Trump administration is set to start the process of selling off properties owned by the Maui real-estate developers who have been accused of ripping off the state of Hawaii.

The sale would include all of the state’s land in the westernmost island of Hawaii, according to a draft of the plan obtained by The Associated Press.

The Maui property sales would start immediately and could take up to three years to complete.

The president has said he will use the proceeds to fund infrastructure projects across the United States.

In addition to selling the state, Trump has been asked to consider selling the properties in Maui, which has a population of about 730,000.

The state’s tourism and fishing industries, which make up about 15 percent of the economy, depend heavily on the development of land in Mauin.

Hawaii’s real-property-tax exemption and the sale of Maui properties are set to expire at the end of 2019.

If the state did not sell off the Mauis, the real estate tax exemption would be extended to cover them.

The sale of the properties could raise questions about Trump’s willingness to work with local leaders, given his past comments that Maui has no leaders.

While Maui’s mayor and lawmakers are trying to secure the real-land sales, other lawmakers are concerned about the state government’s ability to manage the land.

“If the president is going to take any actions that are not in the best interest of the country, then the governor has got to stand up and say that,” said Rep. Mike Miller, R-Colonie, a member of the House Land and Development Committee.

Miller said he is concerned about whether the sale would create jobs in Mauina.

Some Maui residents, like Josephine Ma, are concerned the land could be sold to developers who would then move to other parts of the islands.

Ma said she and her family have tried to get the land off the Trump island for decades, but Trump and the Mauaans have never responded to her efforts.

Maui residents also have said they are concerned that if the Mauas are sold off, the area could be left unspoiled.

Trump’s announcement of Mauiali sales is likely to anger the Mauian community, who have long complained about the lack of access to the islands and the economic impact they have had on the state.

In recent years, Maui and other states have struggled to find enough land to develop, and many of the land’s farms and cities are now located in areas with poor air quality.

The Trump White House did not respond to requests for comment about the proposed sale.

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