Why the ‘Bachelor’ star and the NBA team are building a home together


Former “Bachelor” star Nick Viall is buying a Charlotte home, and the “Bachelorette” cast member says the two are in the process of making a commitment.

“It’s a dream,” Viall told The Associated Press in an exclusive interview.

“I’m a little behind on my wedding, but I’m really excited about it.”

The two men met in Hawaii when Viall was a young college student and quickly became friends, though they never formally wed.

They married in 2016 and are expecting their first child, who was born in June 2018.

They plan to build their home together in the U.S. for Viall, a former NBA player who has been the subject of a trademark lawsuit from his former company, Vantage Properties.

Viall’s company, Viall Homes, owns land in the Charlotte area and plans to build a 5,000-square-foot home there.

“The idea of getting married here in Charlotte was never in the cards,” Vialls said.

“We’re just so thrilled to be moving forward together.

We’re both very excited about our lives here and the future.”

Viall said he and his wife are considering other options for their Charlotte home.

They are looking at an old Victorian-style home in downtown Charlotte, but Viall didn’t disclose the size of the project.

Vialls’ former company has also filed for trademark protections on the name “Viall Homes” in California and Hawaii, where Viall and his family live.

A spokesperson for Vialls declined to comment on his potential trademark filings.

ViALL, 40, is a former “Babe” contestant and “Real Housewives of Orange County” star.

Viill said he was impressed with Viall after his experience with the NBA franchise.

“He was really professional and kind and helpful, and we talked for a long time about how we wanted to build something,” Viill told The AP.

“This is a good opportunity to show him how to build it.”

Vialls has been on a hiatus from the “The Bachelor” cast since his divorce from actress Lachlan Edwards in 2015.

“Nick has always been a real estate professional, and it’s been a dream of mine to be a realtor,” Edwards said in a statement.

“So I’m so happy that he has decided to give his home to me.

He’s a very talented guy, and I’m proud of what he’s accomplished in his life and the life of the family.”

The pair met when Viill was in college and they eventually married in Hawaii in 2017.

The couple have two children, ages 3 and 6.

Viills’ former partner has also been named in the lawsuit filed in 2017, alleging that Viall cheated on him in their marriage.

“Vantage Properties was founded in 2002, and Viall Properties has been active in the real estate business since 2001, providing financial services to over 100,000 clients,” the company said in the complaint.

“Over the years, Viill Properties has represented the interests of more than 200,000 residential real estate clients in the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada and Australia.”

The complaint also alleges that Viill and his partner “used illegal practices, including misrepresentations, deceit, extortion and false representations, to obtain millions of dollars in fees.”

“We believe the case against Viall properties is meritless,” said attorney Paul S. LeVay of the Los Angeles law firm of LeVays, Stiles & Co. “Our clients have always been well-served by their attorney and the court has allowed the matter to proceed.

Our goal has been to settle the matter, so that the family can move on.”

Viills has not been a “Barely Bachelor” contestant since his separation from Edwards.

In addition to his new home, Vialls is considering purchasing another property in Charlotte, where he bought the former home of former “The Bacheloretts” contestant, Ashley Graham, who he married in 2015, according to a press release from Vialls.

Graham, now 28, is an actress and model.

She appeared on the show for a season and also hosted the show’s spinoff, “Babylon 5.”

Viell said he is also considering buying the home of another former “Baywatch” castmate, “Lily” actress Lauren Bacall, who has since died.

The AP’s Elizabeth Moseley contributed to this report.

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