Which Tampa real estate market is worth watching?


The Tampa Bay real estate marketplace has had some significant price drops over the past year, and now it’s a must-watch for buyers looking to get their feet wet in the market.

Tampa-based broker and real estate agent Michael Shaffer has a long list of top-rated Tampa properties, including several on the list that are looking to break the $1 million mark.

“It’s an easy sell,” Shaffer told TalkSport.

“You have a number of very well-established properties.

The demand is very strong and the inventory is very high.”

So you can expect to see a lot of activity.

“And of course the prices are going up.”

The price of Tampa realtors’ listings has increased over the years, with the average price of a property currently reaching $1.17 million, according to data compiled by realtor.com.

“That’s a pretty good return on investment,” Shiffer added.

“And when you see that rate of return, you know you’re in for a good time.”

The Tampa Bay area is home to a variety of real estate interests and properties.

From luxury apartments and townhomes to condominiums, single-family homes and townhouses, it’s all here for a price.

But if you want to move up in the Tampa Bay market, Shaffer said, you need to know the market well.

“There are a number places in the area that are starting to catch on,” Shaffers said.

So which properties are worth a look?”

For a buyer looking to be on the cutting edge of a real estate investment, it really helps to be in one of those places.”

So which properties are worth a look?

Here are a few more realtor picks to get you started.

A home at 645 Pine St. in Hillsborough, Florida.

Shaffer recommends finding a home that has at least four bedrooms and at least two bathrooms.

“You’re looking for a lot more space in your house, so there’s more of the amenities that you’d want to have,” Shuffert said.

“A home with three bedrooms or a home with four bedrooms is a great one.”

Find more information on buying a home in Tampa, Florida, here:Tampa’s real estate scene is growing at an explosive rate.

It’s no surprise that it’s been a hotbed of realtor activity, with a total of 6,917 listings up for grabs.

“We’ve had more than 4,000 listings posted this year,” Shattlesh said.

But he said there’s no denying the area is full of potential for buyers.

“Tampa has a very diverse population, so we do see a good amount of interest from people looking to move here,” Shaughsaid.

“So if you have an interest in this area, you really should go check it out.”

A home near the intersection of Route 1 and State Road 3 in Tampa.

Shaugh said Tampa has the “biggest population density” in the state of Florida, with nearly 5,000 people per square mile.

“The Tampa area has become one of the most desirable areas to move to,” he said.

Shaugh said there are a lot less expensive, more affordable and mature homes in the city than in other areas.

Shuffer said it’s important to know where you live.

“Most people look at the median price for a home,” he explained.

“A home in a high-density area is going to cost more than one in a low-density one.”

For most people, it would be a good idea to look at what you have and see if you can afford it,” Shoughsaid.

Find more info on buying in Tampa and the Tampa area, here.

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