Which celebrity is on the move?


There are few things more embarrassing for a celebrity than having their picture taken with a real estate agent.

Here are just a few of the worst examples.


Jaimie Alexander – “I just want to see your face in front of me”Real estate agent Jaimier Alexander posed for a selfie with her agent and girlfriend.

It was the first photo of the couple taken together since she had split from her partner in January.


Jodie Foster – “Don’t make me do it again”Jodie and her fiancé have a baby, so she decided to take the photographer out on a date with a couple of friends.

She said: “It’s really good, and it’s just a great time, and the couple are great and I think it’s going to be great for them.”


Nick Jonas – “Make my day”Nick Jonas and his girlfriend Jody Foster had a great weekend with their daughter, Chloe.

But when the couple got home, the photographer took a picture of the two, and they realised it was their daughter.


Miley Cyrus – “Get on the phone”Miley Cyrus is still getting used to being the face of her album, but she decided it would be a good idea to take a photo with a photographer.

She tweeted the picture, which got her some backlash, but a few people took to social media to defend her.


Rihanna – “You have a very beautiful face”When Rihanna tweeted the image of herself with the caption “You HAVE a very lovely face”, the social media storm was immediate.


Chris Brown – “Do you like me”Chris Brown’s girlfriend, Kim Kardashian, was seen laughing and posing with him in a photo.


Rihannas fiance, Drake – “Look at that face”Rihanna and Drake had a very public spat in October after Rihanna was photographed with her fiancee, Drake.

Drake posted a series of photos showing Rihanna and her fiancees face, which sparked an outcry from Rihanna.


Kim Kardashian – “Drake’s getting married!”

Kim Kardashian and Drake’s fiancee Kim Kardashian were photographed in October, and both posted a video to their Instagram pages showing the couple kissing.


Katy Perry – “What the fuck”In a selfie, Katy Perry showed her fiancée, Kris Jenner, her new hair extensions.


Kim West – “Oh, that’s the first time you’re in front”Kim West is a celebrity who has been photographed with a lot of people, but her relationship with her ex-husband and fiancé has been a source of contention for a while.


Justin Bieber – “Why don’t you take this photo with me?”

Justin Bieber posted a selfie on his Instagram with his wife of almost two years, Sia, who was seen smiling and posing for a photo of her with Bieber.


Ryan Seacrest – “It’ll make me feel better”Ryan Seacres relationship with his fiancee has been under the spotlight recently.

In July, he and his fiance, Katie Price, made headlines after he posted a picture with a fan, saying: “This is the first day I have a new partner in my life.

13. “

It was really awkward, but it was so much fun and it was a very nice experience.


Kanye West – “#MeToo”The world was shocked when Kanye West posted a photo on Instagram showing him and his wife Kim Kardashian holding hands and crying together.


Mandy Moore – “Shoot it out”Mandy Moore was seen posing with her boyfriend, Justin Bieber, with a caption that read: “No one wants to take pictures with you unless you’re ready to shoot it out.”


Taylor Swift – “We’re dating, but we’re dating in the middle of the night”Taylor Swift and her ex husband, Kevin Federline, appeared to be dating in a picture posted by her mother on September 15.


Justin Timberlake – “Love you all”Justin Timberlake, who has appeared on many of the hit shows of the 90s, posted a shot of himself kissing his girlfriend, Jennifer Lopez.


Jagger – “Can I just take this picture?”

Jagger posted a snap of himself with his girlfriend of three years, Kate Upton.


Rihana – “Take a picture for me” Rihanna posted a pic of herself holding her fiance, Taylor Swift, in the same pose as the pop singer posted to Instagram a few days earlier.


Moms Night Out – “Hey, what’s the difference between a dad and a mom?”

When mommy’s night out turned into a dad-daughter party, a photographer posed with a baby girl in a crib.


Jay Z – “That’s how it goes”Jay Z and Rihanna’s son, Jackson, were seen together

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