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Real estate agents are calling for a relaxation of the current moratorium on new home building.

The move is designed to protect the interests of property developers and investors, who have long fought a ban on new construction.

It comes as new research shows the state of the economy is worse than expected.

However, the move could also help to rein in prices and dampen a housing market that has been a hot topic in the US. 

In a statement to the Wall Street Journal, the National Association of Realtors said it would work with state and local governments to ease restrictions on new homes. 

“The new restrictions on construction will provide real time visibility of the economic condition of our communities, and allow the NAR to continue to communicate to our members and the public on our housing recovery and the state’s recovery efforts,” NAR CEO Michael Anton said in the statement. 

A moratorium on any new construction is a common approach in the United States, which has been plagued by severe mortgage defaults and a lack of affordable housing.

The moratorium on home building is one of a number of measures the US government has taken in response to the crisis.

In March, President Donald Trump signed a law that temporarily blocked new construction for the entire federal government, including the departments of the Interior and Agriculture.

The moratorium on the construction of new homes has been in place for several years, with more than 1,500 properties in Alaska currently under construction, according to a US Census Bureau report.

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