What to know about the NHL expansion team’s location in Boston


When the Boston Bruins announced their plans to relocate to the city, it was met with a lot of excitement and a lot less of disappointment.

For those who were planning to watch the team’s inaugural home game on a television in the arena on February 1, the first game was going to be on a smaller stage in Boston.

The Boston Garden was built in 1872 as a major professional hockey arena and it has hosted the likes of the New York Rangers and the Chicago Blackhawks.

The team has played there on several occasions and is owned by the Boston Celtics, but the building has been in use since 1904, when it hosted the first Winter Classic.

The Bruins have had a long history in Boston, going back to 1874 when the first team of the original Boston Whalers played at the Garden.

The team played there from 1903 to 1912 and in the mid-1950s it hosted its first home game.

It was there that they played their inaugural game on March 8, 1912.

The Garden has hosted many sporting events and it’s a tradition that has lasted through the decades.

The first time the Bruins played there in the fall of 1912 was a 5-3 loss to the New Jersey Devils in a game that was played in front of a capacity crowd of 25,000.

That was the last game the team played in the Boston Garden before the team moved to New Jersey in 1956.

In 2012, the team began a season-long renovation at Fenway Park and the stadium opened for the first time in a year.

They played their first game at the new venue on January 30, 2019.

The 2017-18 season began with the team playing a two-game series in Chicago, then they played three games in the United Kingdom, before returning to Boston.

During the regular season, the Bruins won five of their last six games and the team went on to win the Stanley Cup.

It was the team that got the best of the Montreal Canadiens in the first round of the playoffs.

The Bruins’ final game in the playoffs was the one that made history when the Bruins defeated the Boston Red Wings 4-3 in Game 7.

The season was marked by the arrival of players from all over the world and the arrival in Boston of former NHLer Ryan Spooner.

In the 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs, the teams faced off in Game 5 of the first-round series, but both teams won 3-2.

That meant the Bruins had to travel to New York for Game 6 of the second-round, but it was a different story when the game was played at TD Garden.

The Stanley Cup champion Bruins went on a five-game winning streak that ended on April 11.

In that series, the New England Patriots were in the market for a new quarterback, and the Bruins were hoping for a veteran.

But when the team decided to trade up in the draft to get Patrick Maroon, they didn’t take any chances.

After picking Maroon in the sixth round, the Red Wings traded the pick to the Bruins for defenseman David Warsofsky, who is currently playing for the Ottawa Senators.

The two teams had a rematch in Game 2 of the series, which the Bruins took a 2-1 victory.

The Red Wings ended up winning the series in six games.

Boston’s second season in the NHL was also marked by an influx of international players.

The Boston Bruins had three players who are currently playing in the KHL, with the most recent being defenseman David Pastrnak.

The second season of the Bruins also marked the start of the NHL’s first wave of international signings.

Former NHLer Scott Stevens was signed by the Bruins and spent a year with the organization before being traded to the Dallas Stars in 2018.

He was then traded to Ottawa for goaltender Matt O’Connor in 2020.

Stevens, Pastrnack, O’Connors and O’Sullivan were the first players from the NHL to sign contracts with an American team.

In 2019, the NHL expanded to 12 teams, and it made a move to expand the draft.

Players who were drafted by an American-based team were given the opportunity to sign a contract with an NHL team.

This time, the draft went to three teams, which included the Boston Flyers, Philadelphia Flyers and Chicago Blackhawks and they all went on and signed players from that pool.

The Flyers were the only team to receive an international player when they drafted Ryan Carter in the second round, but he ended up playing in five games for the Flyers and the signing was made official in 2019.

Carter was drafted in the seventh round and played four games for his new team.

He made the Flyers a Stanley Cup contender this season and had a goal and two assists.

The Philadelphia Flyers have been in the Stanley Trophy race for the past two seasons and Carter was one of the main reasons they won the Stanley Cups in 2018 and 2019.

In his first season with the Flyers, Carter played in 20 games and had two goals and eight assists.

He then spent the next

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