Trump: ‘This is the most dangerous thing’


President Donald Trump said Wednesday that he is “totally behind” his nominee to lead the Environmental Protection Agency, who has long called climate change a hoax.

Trump made the comments in a tweet that appeared to be referring to the nomination of Scott Pruitt to lead EPA.

The president’s position on the subject is so extreme that he has suggested that the agency should “solve the problem” by moving to the use of nuclear power, which he once said “doesn’t make sense.”

Pruitt has been at the forefront of a long-running lawsuit that alleges that the EPA has overstepped its authority to regulate greenhouse gas emissions, and has said the EPA should focus on reducing emissions.

Pruitt has called climate science “a hoax” and questioned the validity of climate change.

Last week, Pruitt said he would not recuse himself from the agency if he was confirmed.

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