The real estate market could be hit by a severe winter storm, and that could mean a real estate downturn


The National Weather Service predicts a winter storm or winter freeze to hit the Northeast from mid-February to mid-March, the National Weather Services website says.

The NWS says the snowstorm could affect all regions except for the Northeast.

In the Northeast, it could hit with a wind chill factor of between minus-1 and minus-2 degrees.

In other areas, the storm could be more severe.

It could also hit some regions in the Midwest, especially in areas that get much less snowfall, and cause more severe snowfall and freezing, the NWS warns.

The storm could also make life tougher for many people and businesses.

A severe winter weather event in the Northeast could cause millions of dollars worth of damage and possibly require more expensive emergency services, the Weather Service says.

In the Midwest and Midwest states, the snowfall could cause major traffic problems.

In Nebraska, snow is forecast to fall as high as 15 inches, the weather service says.

In Iowa, the fall snowfall is expected to be as much as 40 inches, making it the third-worst winter storm in the state’s history, according to the Weather Services office.

The Northeast has experienced several winter storms, but none has been so devastating.

In 1892, a storm that hit in January killed more than 300 people and caused the first major snowfall in nearly 200 years.

In 2013, a winter tornado struck the Northeast as a result of a freak snowstorm that was a record for the region.

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