The Real Estate Agent Who Made A $10,000 Deal On The Real Deal


By Mike ColonnaThe real estate agent who made a $10-million sale on the real deal has come out swinging at the media and the broker who sold her to him.

A spokeswoman for the broker says her actions were legal and fair.

But in a series of interviews and court filings, her lawyer says the real estate broker violated the law and is being sued by the broker.

The attorney for the agent, James B. Givens, has called the media “the media that did the deal,” and says the broker “is a complete liar.”

The attorney says he’s going to fight hard to prove the broker violated law.

In a lawsuit filed last week in Brooklyn federal court, Givans alleges that the broker, Joe R. Kopp, made a “totally inappropriate offer” to the agent.

Givens said the broker offered to buy the agent’s house for $30,000.

The agent, he said, told the broker she would pay $2 million for the property.

Givers says he called Kopp and told him the deal was off.

“I said, ‘Look, I want you to put your money down and I want to buy it, but I want it for $10 million.

I’m not going to sell it for less than that.’

He said, yeah, but don’t sell it at this price.

He told me he wanted it for the $2.5 million,” Givers said.

Gives a short summary of the interview: “He said he was going to put it on the market and if the market value is $30 million he was not going take it.

He said I had to make a lot of money off this, and that I had been trying to make this deal.

I said I’d be happy to take a little money, I said no, he was right, I’m going to make the deal.

So I gave him the money.”

A spokesman for Kopp says the agent never said she’d pay more than $2M for the house, that the deal never was for less, and said Givers has been misrepresenting her position.

The lawyer for the buyer says he agrees with the broker’s stance that the realtor violated the brokerage laws by trying to sell the house for less.

But the real property agent says the $10.7 million sale price is misleading.

She says she never gave Kopp a contract to sell her house and never suggested he take out a loan.

The agent says Kopp told her she could sell the home for as much as $40 million.

But when Kopp was ready to buy, she says, he changed his mind and offered her $50 million.GIVENS says she was not given a written offer for the sale, and the agent says she asked him to look at a number of offers she’d seen on Craigslist before deciding on the $20 million price.

“There was no offer for sale at that time.

He just wanted to buy.

That was it.

That’s what happened,” the agent said.

The broker says the transaction was made to make money for the realty company.

“When the agent started talking about $30million, I thought, this is just too good to be true,” the broker said.

“They didn’t give me any indication of what they were going to do with it, they didn’t tell me any money down,” the realtors attorney said.

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