‘The real estate agent is not going to take advantage of us’: POCono owner’s lawsuit against agent


POCONO, Calif.

— A POCono, Calif., real estate broker and his wife say they were told to cancel a $1 million sale for a home in a residential neighborhood that the couple didn’t want to buy and that a sales agent made them sign a non-disclosure agreement.

In an email obtained by ABC News, POConica real estate sales agent Richard T. Langer wrote that he had to cancel the sale because the couple would not be able to “agree to any terms.”

He added that they would not receive any money.

The email was sent to POCons owner, Tom Mancuso, and his son, Tom Langer.

The email, which was provided to ABC News by the Langers’ attorney, also said that Langer was told the couple had “a very good deal.”

The attorney, Richard T Langer, said he is “disappointed that a buyer from POConi was able to purchase the home.”

Langer told ABC News he “never did anything wrong.”

“We never made any promises.

I never asked anyone to sign anything.

I’m not a lawyer,” he said.

Langer said he “did not lie.”ABC News has reached out to the Langer family for comment.

The lawsuit against Langer and his company is against POCona Real Estate Services LLC, a company owned by Langer’s brother, Eric Langer of POCone Properties, Inc., and his partner, Joseph Mancusko.

Eric Largos is listed as the sole shareholder.

The Langers said they are not suing Langer for personal injury, defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress, or breach of contract.

Instead, they said they want compensation for the loss of their home and their legal fees.

The complaint against L.L. and Mancussi accuses the real estate agents of misrepresenting to the couple that they were buying a house in the neighborhood that was not the real one and misrepresenting the terms of their non-closure agreement to make it clear that the L.M.S.

S was not their agent.

“It is obvious that Eric L. Largus and Joseph M. Mancumusko are not acting in good faith and are acting with malice,” the complaint states.

“They are dishonest and are not in the best interest of the Largoses.

They are acting as agents of the agent and are misrepresenting their own services.”


L’s attorney, Stephen Mancuzzi, said his client had nothing to do with the sale of the home and had never spoken to the buyer.

“He was a very nice guy, he was a great salesman, and they got the house for $1,000,” he told ABC 7.

“It was all his fault.”

The complaint also claims that Eric and Joseph Largo “used the L, M, and P names of their companies to create the false impression that the property was for sale and for their own use.”LANGER’S PROBLEMThe lawsuit is part of a growing number of lawsuits involving real estate brokers and agents who have faced charges in recent years for misleading and deceptive practices.

ABC News has previously reported on a lawsuit against a broker in Los Angeles against the brokerage company and a broker accused of misleading prospective buyers about the quality of real estate properties he was selling.

The attorney general of Pennsylvania is investigating a former POConta agent who was fired after a series of complaints from the local real estate community, including one complaint that a POConte agent said, “You have no idea how many houses I have sold that have not been purchased.”

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