‘The Price is Right’ for a New, Expensive Home in Arizona’s La Mesa neighborhood


Real estate prices in La Mesa, Arizona have gone up more than 50% since 2010, according to the latest data from Trulia.

In fact, the price of a one-bedroom in La Mirada, the most expensive neighborhood in La Paz, rose by more than 70% between 2010 and 2020.

In some areas of La Paza, the median price of the median home is more than $2 million.

But a one bedroom can be much more expensive than $1.5 million.

Here are the 10 most expensive homes in the area: The Price Is Right: La Pápaz One-bedroom, $2.8 million | Lavaca Village Two-bedroom with attached garage, $1,942,000 | Tuscon Park Two-bedrooms, $4,937,000 This is a four-bedroom home in La Pena with a lot of open space in the front yard.

It’s listed for $4.9 million and features a walk-in closet.

La Pápoza, a two-bedroom house with attached yard, $3.3 million | La Pago One-bedroom, $829,000 La Póstola, a three-bedroom ranch home, $739,000 La Paz Ranch One- bedroom, $946,000  La Pampas, a four bedroom home with attached deck, $11,636,000La Paza Ranch Two- bedroom with attached bathroom, $6,973,000In a one room ranch home in the community of La Penas, one bedroom is listed for more than twice the price as in the surrounding neighborhood.

The Cost of Housing in LaPaz, Arizona: La Penas One-room ranch home with detached garage, with 2.5 baths, $18,737,500 LaPampa, a one and a half bedroom home, with attached pool, $14,069,000Mt.

Diablo, a home with 2 bathrooms, $12,946 Mt Diablo, two- bedroom home that features 2 baths, with 1.5 bathrooms, and 1.7 baths, in Mt.

Diablo subdivision, $15,923,000

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