Texas real estate company wants $7.5M lawsuit for discrimination against African-Americans in deal


Real estate giant RE/MAX has filed a lawsuit against Georgia real estate firm Georgia Real Estate Group alleging that the company “made an unlawful, discriminatory and unfair offer to African-American applicants and applicants from the Greater Atlanta area for real estate development in the Greater Greater Atlanta region.”

Georgia and its president, James B. Larkin, were allegedly given an incentive to apply for the development contract because of the “racial and ethnic makeup of the applicant pool.”

According to the lawsuit, the company allegedly made a $7,500 referral bonus and a $1,500 grant from Georgias sales office to each applicant in the Georgianas portfolio.

Georgias representatives told applicants they would receive a bonus of $4,500 if they met the criteria for the Geovia portfolio and the company would pay the full $1.9 million purchase price of the portfolio, the lawsuit states.

But in the final round of negotiations, the companies representatives allegedly told the applicants they “may not receive the bonus and the grant if they did not qualify for Georgias portfolio,” according to the complaint.

“The applicant pool comprised applicants who had previously participated in the Georgia real-estate market,” the lawsuit says.

“They included many African- Americans who were either African- American or Hispanic.”

“The Georgians discriminated against applicants based on race and/or ethnicity by requiring applicants to demonstrate a ‘high likelihood of being accepted into the Geotaxi┬« portfolio,” the complaint adds.

Geovia is seeking unspecified damages and unspecified attorney fees, the complaint states.

Geos Group is the parent company of real estate and business-development firm Geos, LLC.

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