How to find real estate in Boise

Boise, Idaho–It’s a place where you can rent a couch and a bed for less than $400 a night.But for some people, it’s a real estate nightmare.Boise realtor Robert Fennelly says that’s because there are few rental properties in the city of Boise.He says that with a shortage of affordable housing in the area, he’s


What is the new real estate app craze?

Real estate apps are starting to pop up on our mobile devices, but the real estate market is still dominated by traditional brokers and agents.What does that mean for your investment?The app craise has already led to a lot of short sales and selling.There are now more than 3 million brokers in the United States,


How to get the real estate of Portland, Oregon real estate in Portland, Washington

Portland, WA—February 7, 2017—Today, real estate experts at Portfolio Properties announced the release of their latest, highest-volume listing of Portland-area real estate.They have made more than 3,000 new listings available, and the listings are just the tip of the iceberg.In addition to these new listings, Portfolio also updated their Portland-based real estate database with a