Which are the Top Real Estate Agents in the World?

Real estate agents are a hot commodity in Dubai and around the world.They’re often highly paid and highly sought after by buyers and sellers alike.Now, they’re also being scrutinized as they attempt to help protect the rights of tenants who rent to their home.Here’s what you need to know about the profession.1.The Real Estate Agent


How to help a real estate appraisal fraudster

Real estate appraisers, especially appraisers with an expertise in real estate finance, often use the same tactics as the real estate brokers that they are supposed to be protecting.Many appraisers have forged signatures to be allowed to work on a property they are not licensed to appraise.In many cases, appraisers use this fraudulent practice to


How to sell a $1m home

The market is a mess.A lot of people want to sell their homes.That’s great.That means the market is ripe for a great deal.But what about the ones who can’t sell?What can you do to make sure you can sell a home in 2017?The answer is a bit of everything.It can be easy to get bogged