Roma to sell $15m stadium for $100m


Roma have confirmed they will sell their Serie A stadium for a staggering $15 million, but are yet to finalise a bid.

The Giallorossi, who were relegated to Serie B last season, have yet to make an official bid for the €10 million ($12.6 million) stadium, which they have been trying to acquire for more than three years.

Roma are still in talks with potential buyers, who could be the French-based French group Fondazione Ricerca or the Italian group Taschen, according to a report in La Repubblica.

According to the report, Roma’s new stadium will be a 20,000-seat football stadium, built in collaboration with Fondazi Ricercorcha, a company founded by former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi.

“We have the capacity of 20,500 seats, with the possibility to increase it, if needed,” Fabio Zampieri, a Roma sporting director, said.

The team is expected to sell the stadium for €10.8 million ($13.6m), a record price for a stadium, according the report.

Rome also confirmed it had received a €4.3 million ($4.9 million) loan from Chinese company Wuhan Zhejiang Construction Group.

The loan will allow Roma to make further payments on their debt, according Fondai.

The deal will be officially announced on Monday at a ceremony held in Rome by Fondagione Riceroza.

According the report: “It will be the first time a Serie A team will be sold for more then €10m in a sale.

The price is €15m, which is significantly lower than the previous record of €18m.”

Roma, who won the Italian Serie A title in 2015-16, will receive an additional €2.5 million ($2.7 million) in transfer fees from the sale, the report said.

“The deal with Wuhans consortium is a step forward in Roma’s ambition to make the stadium a success,” said Fabio Moratti, the team’s president.

“It is an important step towards achieving a long-term goal of being a major European club.”

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