Real Estate Headshots Are Actually Fake!


Malibu realestate headshots are actually fake!

Real estate head shots are actually real!

That’s what one real estate agent in the LA area told the Daily News last week, after his real estate agents showed her some of the photos he was seeing on Facebook.

The photos are of women wearing fake hair, making up fake names and posing for photos with their fake bodies.

But that’s not the only fake photo in this series of photos.

Here’s what you need to know: 1.

The women in these photos are fake, and they are all from Malibu.

In fact, there are a lot of women in Malibu and other parts of California.

It’s also a common sight in other parts, as well.

But the real estate professional’s real concern is that some of these photos were taken by the same person.

That’s why he and his agents started digging.

The woman in the first photo has blonde hair, and it’s her sister.

The person in the second photo has brown hair and it is her father.

The third photo has dark hair, which is her husband’s.

And so on.

In the final photo, the person in third is actually the man who’s in the picture, but he’s wearing a mask and pretending to be a prostitute.

He also has blond hair.


Some of the people in these shots are real people.

Some are not.

The fake photos are often of real people who have been accused of sexual assault or have been fired from their jobs.

Some may even have their own fake family.

But many of the women in the photos are the same people who are now being investigated for crimes that they did not commit.

The most famous of these cases is that of real estate broker Jill D’Orazio, who was fired from her job for a series of fake photos that showed her posing in a bikini with her then-boyfriend.

She sued the realtor who took her photos, claiming the photo was stolen from her.

In December, a jury sided with her, awarding her $1 million.


The real estate realtor in the photo has blond hairs.

In real life, you can’t just pick out a hair color and call it hair color.

Real estate agents and real estate salespeople often use different hairstyles and eye colors to distinguish their clients.

So when a real estate employee with fake hair in Mal.

real estate takes a photo with a real woman, it looks like it’s the real woman.

But in reality, the hair color is the hair of the real person.

In other words, the real owner of that hair is not the real-life person.

The hair is a product of photoshop, not a real hair color, as we often assume.

It also doesn’t necessarily match her actual hair color as we usually think of it. 4.

Some real estate professionals have been hired by real estate buyers.

But some have not.

Some agents have been hiring agents with fake names.

Others have been using fake names to buy homes for real estate brokers.

And still others are using fake photos and photos of real-world people with fake-sounding names to sell their homes.

So while the real people in the fake photos might look similar, the people who actually own the houses in these fake photos don’t necessarily look the same.

And that makes it hard for people to know if the real women in them are real or not.


A real estate company has said that the photos have been removed from the company’s website.

But other real estate companies have also removed them.

We asked a spokesperson for the company to explain.

The spokesperson told us the photos were not removed and are available on our site.

But when asked to explain why, the spokesperson did not specify what was wrong with the photos, and we didn’t ask for clarification.


Many of the fake pictures are from a very different time.

In a 2015 article in the Los Angeles Times, real estate developer Robert K. Greenstein said that real estate fraud has gone on for at least a decade.

In that article, he said he had heard stories from friends and colleagues about the real life real estate criminals.

Greenbaum said that when he was working at a real-estate firm, he heard stories about real estate scams from former employees.

And he said that at some point, he too began hearing from people about fraud, but it was different.

He said the stories were more from the past than they were from the present.


Real Estate agents in other places are not the same as the real world.

While the real homes are often very similar to the real lives, real property fraud is different.

For example, realtor Jill D. D’Orza, who is featured in the real property ads in this story, is a professional in real estate in California.

She is the real name of an agent who had been hired for $15,000 a

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