Is Massachusetts Real Estate a Bubble?


A bubble may be a word with a slightly different meaning to the average person.

But it is an accurate descriptor for Massachusetts real estate.

Real estate is one of the most common industries in the country.

More than 20,000 jobs depend on the business.

And a booming market is causing problems for some of the state’s wealthiest people.

The Globe’s Robert Kyncl reports from Boston on the problems that are forcing them to seek out alternative work.

Kyncl: Massachusetts realestate is booming.

It is one the fastest-growing industries in Massachusetts, accounting for 25 per cent of the jobs.

It’s the largest of the four regions of the Commonwealth.

So, when you’re looking at real estate there’s a lot of potential.

You could see a lot more of this going on in Massachusetts because there is a large population in the city of Boston, so there are a lot people there.

So, you could see it, but you could also see it as the bubble is being created.

Realtors have been getting calls about high demand.

But, they’re not going to make the calls for them.

There are some people who have said to me, “Look, I’m a very experienced realtor, and I’m trying to make a profit on my real estate business.

I’m not going into this business unless I’m making a lot from it.

I mean, that’s a real problem because there are some real estate agents that are just being priced out.

They’re not even making a profit, they are making a very small amount of money.

So that’s what they are looking for.

You see some of these companies, like the one that is being marketed to real estate buyers and sellers in Boston, saying, “You know, we’re going to have an agent in Boston and we’re not offering to sell you a unit in our building for a fixed price.

We’re going in and doing it on our own.

“What they are saying is, “We’re going through the motions, we’ve got no real experience, we haven’t seen real prices before, and we don’t know the market.

So let’s try to sell a unit for the price of one that we know we can sell for.

“And they’re actually doing it.

But the realtor is the buyer.

So you have to be careful because you’re being priced in.

It’s a really tough job, especially for those people that don’t have the qualifications to do it.

They don’t understand real estate because they don’t see the markets.

I mean, they don, they can’t do a lot.

They just want to buy and sell a house for the sake of it.

There’s always been some demand for these services, but there is no demand from people who don’t really know the real estate market.

There are a couple of things to note.

One, they have to find people to help them sell properties.

And I think that’s one of those things that they have learned in the real world.

If you’re doing it for profit, you are going to get a lot less work done than if you were doing it just to sell property.

They have to do a fair bit of research.

If you’re just going to do this on your own, then it is very difficult.

If they’re going do it as a partnership, it is easier.

You can buy the land, they’ll buy the property, and they can actually get people together and work out a deal.

If it’s an agent or a broker, they’ve got a much bigger role.

And you know, the whole process takes much longer.

I think there’s some real confusion out there.

The real estate agent is a little bit of a mystery.

They want to tell you what the prices are, and what are the sales prices.

But they’re very, very, hard to get into the details.

They can’t explain to you the terms of the deal.

And so, they will tell you, “Well, we don, we have to go through the process of going through different agencies and finding a good agent.”

There is some confusion around what they want to sell the property for.

So it’s hard to sell it for, and it’s difficult to sell for the prices they’re asking for.

And then you’re talking about the brokers.

So I have had brokers ask me to sell units for a much lower price than what they’re paying.

So they can sell the units for much less.

They are also not going out and finding people.

They know their customers better than you do.

So if you want to know what they will sell for, you have no idea.

I have to say, the people that do these services are very talented.

They’ve worked with real estate people in other states.

They’ll be selling a property for a couple hundred thousand dollars a unit, and you have two or three brokers that will be negotiating with the buyer and

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