Is London property worth £1.1bn?


London real estate website PropertyScoop recently published a survey of the properties on the market in London, which suggested that London’s property market could be worth as much as £1bn.

PropertySroop calculated the value of London property based on the median price of each property, with a range of prices ranging from £750,000 to £3.3bn.

London realtor Richard Blatt said the average price of a property in London is currently around £1m.

“That would equate to around £700,000 in real estate in London.

If you look at that and multiply it by the number of properties on offer, you get £2.3 billion,” Mr Blatt told The Times.

“This is an extraordinary amount of money for the city.”

We are not comparing apples to apples.

We are comparing apples with apples.

“PropertySoop said the value was likely to increase with new development in the area, as well as with new developments in other areas of the city, such as the South Bank.

Mr Blatts said that the average listing price of an empty house in London was £2m.

Property price growth was more than twice that of Sydney, Australia’s most expensive city.

“So if they can keep up, they will sell their property for the most money they can get.” “

In Perth, for instance, they can’t keep up with the price growth in their market,” Mr Bleatt said.

“So if they can keep up, they will sell their property for the most money they can get.”

Auckland is the only city in the world with a higher percentage of properties listed for more than $2m, according to the latest report from DomainMarket.

Sydney is second, with around 7.8 per cent of properties sold.

Sydney Real Estate is a global leader in property data and services, with more than 10 million registered properties in Australia.

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