How to find a property in Charleston that has an ‘unofficial’ Airbnb listing


“I don’t want people to think that because I am not a resident, I am a tourist,” he said.

“But I am the owner.

I don’t live there, but I own the house.

I’m in charge.”

According to an Airbnb listing from the property, which the man says he rents to his girlfriend, he has “a great room for rent” for $1,200 per month, which includes utilities and a security deposit.

The listing also indicates he is a full-time chef and “will prepare dinner for everyone, whether they are staying with me or not.”

The listing says the property is “in a great location, located just steps from downtown, with ample parking.”

The property, at 636 South Main Street, is listed on Airbnb as having a one bedroom, one bath house, but Airbnb said it had no records of the listing.

The property also has a one-bathroom, one-car garage.

The website shows the property’s listing was taken down last week.

The man told The Jerusalem Report that he owns the property and that he has lived there for a year, but that he and his girlfriend live with the couple from a different apartment and the listing was removed from Airbnb’s website.

The listing shows the two have a 2-year-old child.

The man said he and the girlfriend moved in together after they separated.

The Jerusalem Report contacted Airbnb, but the company said it did not have any information to provide to The Jerusalem Reports.

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