How to deal with an eviction in Canada


Montreal real estate firm Chico Real Estate has been on the block since March 25.

The firm, based in the Montreal suburb of Les Petits Cambodge, had a major overhaul and reorganization planned in March and is now facing an eviction order.

A representative for the firm told The Next Page that the eviction order is related to a breach of the “competition law” that has been in place for the last four years.

The law gives local government a wide latitude in determining who gets the right to buy and sell real estate.

A breach of this law is illegal in Quebec and carries up to three years in jail.

It also makes it a criminal offence to sell or rent a property to a foreign national.

The eviction order was issued on March 30, and the company has been ordered to leave the city.

Chico is the latest in a string of Quebec real estate firms to be evicted.

Montreal real-estate firm Chias has been the target of a nationwide eviction campaign, which has seen a number of other companies facing eviction orders.

The latest case is the result of a lawsuit filed by two former employees, who claim the firm’s lease of a large building on Canal Street in the suburb of Montréal expired without their knowledge or consent.

The two former managers claimed they were offered the opportunity to buy the building, but that Chico refused.

Chiacos lawyers argued that the company did not violate the law by allowing the lease to expire without their approval, as they had not been given a chance to make an informed decision about the purchase of the building.

The lawsuit is still pending.

A spokesman for Chico told The Montreal Gazette that the firm is “currently awaiting the outcome of the litigation before we can provide further comment.”

It is not known what the next steps are for the other companies.

The city of Montreal, which oversees all housing in the city, has been trying to negotiate a settlement with the owners of the buildings, which include several apartments.

The owners, who declined to comment, have also been evicted from their homes.

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