How to buy a house in America and sell it at a loss


The American real estate market has been the subject of a number of articles this year, and while it may not be a new phenomenon, it is one that has been on the rise.

Real estate investors are using the rising prices to sell off properties, which is a very common practice for real estate investors.

And now, a number has made it onto Forbes’ top ten most valuable real estate properties in the world.1.

“The Mound House” (New York, NY) – $7 million2.

“Giant,” (Montreal, QC) -$4.5 million3.

“Casa Grande,” (Las Vegas, NV) – $4 million4.

“Polar Express,” (Boulder, CO) –  $4M5.

“Grande Biltmore,” (Miami, FL) – -$2.5M6.

“Golden Gate,” (Los Angeles, CA) –   $2M7.

“Bond Plaza,” (New Orleans, LA) –  $2,7M8.

“L’Oreal, London,” (London, England) –  $2 million9.

“River Point,” (Seattle, WA) –     $1.5 Million10.

“Mountain Place,” (Boston, MA) – 1.4M

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