How to find real estate in Boise

Boise, Idaho–It’s a place where you can rent a couch and a bed for less than $400 a night.But for some people, it’s a real estate nightmare.Boise realtor Robert Fennelly says that’s because there are few rental properties in the city of Boise.He says that with a shortage of affordable housing in the area, he’s


How to Save Money at Real Estate (and Get More for Less)

How to save money on your next real estate purchase?Here are the basics.1.Buy locally2.Keep up with real estate trends3.Use the right brokers, agents, and agents-to-be4.Find out about other properties nearby5.Learn about how to compare property prices in real estate6.Find real estate agents in your area7.Ask questions about a property8.Read about real estate taxes9.Find a local

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