Canada’s Intero real Estate Group to buy a property in Calgary


A Calgary-based company called Intero Real Estate Group will buy a home in the western Canadian city of Calgary.

The purchase price is listed as $2.9 million, which is $4,000 higher than the asking price, according to a news release from Intero.

The company has been selling real estate across the country for a number of years, including for the city of Regina.

Intero CEO and president Chris McLeod said the purchase price represents a significant return on investment.

“With our business in Calgary, we are pleased to be able to make this purchase with a strong long-term commitment,” McLeod wrote in the release.

“We look forward to bringing our team together and moving our Calgary headquarters to the city’s downtown.”

The Calgary-area real estate market has been in the red for the past several years, with many condo and apartment prices falling.

The Calgary area is among the most expensive areas for homebuyers in the country, with average home prices in the region of $1.9-million.

Intero CEO McLeod noted that the Calgary-style real estate, which has been around for many years, was becoming increasingly popular with families.

“We are very happy to be bringing this great brand to the market and I believe the new location will provide a great opportunity for our customers and employees to connect with one another,” McLodgesaid.

“I also believe it will be a great place to expand our portfolio of Calgary-made homes and offer our employees and customers a great, safe and comfortable environment.”

The company has about 100 employees in Calgary and operates in a number and areas of real estate.

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