Borrowing a ride? Get a list of top home-buyers from the real estate industry


Borrowers seeking to acquire a home in Maine are being offered a list that is likely to be the most valuable list available in the real-estate industry.

Billionaire investors who have been on the hunt for a home are offering to take their chances on a list posted by real estate firm Cramer’s Real Estate Group on its website.

The listing on Cramer, which includes the prices of each home, includes the asking price and offers to buy for a fixed price.

A home is not included in that price, but if it is listed at the same price as a second home, it is.

Cramer’s offers to the Maine real estate community are not the first that have drawn attention.

Real estate giant JLL in June said it would start listing home values on a website.

The listing on JLL’s website for the state of Maine is based on data provided by real-world brokers who say that, on average, a single home is worth $200,000.

Real-estate listings have been a hot topic since the housing market began to tank.

A number of the top brokers and investors in the country have been buying up homes in search of yield.

Investors in the mortgage market are also buying homes in an attempt to hold on to their equity.

Some people have been more successful than others in getting a home on the market.

For example, investors in Florida’s mortgage market have been able to secure a home for around $300,000, according to The Associated Press.

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