How to find real estate in Boise

Boise, Idaho–It’s a place where you can rent a couch and a bed for less than $400 a night.But for some people, it’s a real estate nightmare.Boise realtor Robert Fennelly says that’s because there are few rental properties in the city of Boise.He says that with a shortage of affordable housing in the area, he’s


How to Invest in Real Estate Stock

Posted March 04, 2018 05:10:15Real estate has long been an attractive place to invest in, with an average return of more than 14%.The market is also highly diversified, with investors taking advantage of both short and long-term stock returns.But the most popular way to invest is through real estate brokerage firms.Here are some of the


How to find a great rental property

How to spot the right real estate property for you: The perfect rental property for a city is as important as ever.But if you’re looking to find your dream rental property, here are six things to keep in mind.1.The neighborhood The ideal rental property is a neighborhood where you and your family can enjoy an


How to help a real estate appraisal fraudster

Real estate appraisers, especially appraisers with an expertise in real estate finance, often use the same tactics as the real estate brokers that they are supposed to be protecting.Many appraisers have forged signatures to be allowed to work on a property they are not licensed to appraise.In many cases, appraisers use this fraudulent practice to