How to sell a $1m home

The market is a mess.A lot of people want to sell their homes.That’s great.That means the market is ripe for a great deal.But what about the ones who can’t sell?What can you do to make sure you can sell a home in 2017?The answer is a bit of everything.It can be easy to get bogged


When does your house go up for sale?

Real estate agents in the UK are currently reporting that it’s possible to sell a home for more than $10 million.That means that the median price of a home sold in the country this year is $10.1 million, according to the Real Estate Board of Greater London (REBOLL).The median sale price of all houses sold


Is London property worth £1.1bn?

London real estate website PropertyScoop recently published a survey of the properties on the market in London, which suggested that London’s property market could be worth as much as £1bn.PropertySroop calculated the value of London property based on the median price of each property, with a range of prices ranging from £750,000 to £3.3bn.London realtor


What’s next for Bend, Oregon?

The story of Bend, the capital of Oregon’s Northwest region, has taken on new urgency after a massive fire killed at least nine people and left a second in critical condition.As the region continues to recover from the deadly fire, news of the death of a young man has shaken residents to their core.“It’s definitely