What are the chances of a Trump win in Puerto Rico?

A Trump victory in Puerto Rican territory is unlikely, but a candidate could take control of the island, which is the largest U.S. territory without a governor or a president.A Republican-controlled Congress and a Democratic-controlled Senate would make it more likely.Puerto Rico, the United States territory most affected by Hurricane Maria, is the poorest state


Canada’s ‘Best Seller’ for Real Estate in 2017: Sothebys

Sothebys has confirmed that it sold the Canadian real estate industry’s “best seller” title to Canadian real-estate agency, Saunders Real Estate for $3.9 billion.The deal, which comes as the real estate market struggles, marks the first major deal in Canada’s real-time bidding war for the title.The acquisition, which includes the title, shares, and offices, is


Which properties are worth more than $100 million?

Tenants who buy homes with a low mortgage rate but want to maximize their return will likely pay more than a typical homeowner, according to a new analysis from real estate firm McColly. The firm has been tracking the mortgage interest rates at which homes can be bought for nearly 40 years, tracking properties with low