What are the real estate comp for a single family home?

This week we’re looking at the comps for a two-family home.If you’re looking to build a house that’s affordable, we have a great list of the best deals.1.$1,500 for two-story townhouse 2.$2,400 for two stories of single family homes.3.$3,800 for a one-story duplex or duplex plus a three-bedroom.4.$4,800 per square foot for two bedrooms.5.$5,800 total


Why Real Estate Calculator is a Biggest Failure

The Real Estate Calculators Real Estate Calculation Calculator was developed by the University of Georgia to allow people to easily and quickly convert the value of their real estate holdings into dollars.The program has been around for years, but in the last couple of years, it has been plagued by serious problems.According to the university,


How to Find a Real Estate Internship in San Francisco

The following article was originally published on Hacker News.It has been republished with permission.Read full articleOn Thursday, we reported that an intern for a real estate company was being offered a $10,000 salary.We’ve now learned that the intern has now been offered a more substantial $20,000 offer, according to a source at the company who