What’s driving up prices?

This week the value of the UK property market has risen by over £1bn and the property bubble has burst.The government says it’s now £1.5tn short.So what’s behind the price surge?What you need to know about the UK’s property market: What’s the UK housing market like?What’s the value for houses and flats?What are the main


Which celebrity is on the move?

There are few things more embarrassing for a celebrity than having their picture taken with a real estate agent.Here are just a few of the worst examples.1.Jaimie Alexander – “I just want to see your face in front of me”Real estate agent Jaimier Alexander posed for a selfie with her agent and girlfriend.It was the


Real Estate: The most expensive houses in New Zealand

Aspen real Estate is among the most expensive real estate in New England.But if you look at the most popular properties on the property website, it’s a different story.The cheapest house on the website is listed at $3.7 million.That’s in a country of $8.7 billion.The highest priced house is listed for $4.8 million.It’s in the


Why Michigan real estate schools can’t handle more demand

As demand for new real estate degrees increases, the number of colleges offering them is growing.The number of programs offering degrees in real estate has jumped in the past two years.But the demand for these courses isn’t keeping up.“I think that’s a challenge,” said Michael Tashman, president of the Michigan Association of College Real Estate